I Hate Horse Flies and You Should Too

Memorial Day Weekend marks the first weekend we spend in the fields. The final frost date has passed and we get three fun filled days of farm work accomplished. Part of the weekend festivities include being subjected to bug bites. Last year it was mosquitoes, the year before that it was ticks. It seems there's always a plague (pun intended) of something blood sucking. This year was no different. The vampiric culprit? Horse flies. 

A fly sounds innocuous enough. It's a bit irritating to hear them buzzing around your head all day but, no biggie, you just keep on task and eventually they'll fly away. WRONG. Female horse flies want to bite you so they can drink your blood. It's not like mosquito bite where you only notice it once the bite site starts to itch. You can feel yourself being bitten. And it hurts! The insect's mouthpart is a slicing, not poking. So those horse flies are literally cutting you open to get to your blood. So rude. And gross. I spent the whole day swatting those things away and still got bit seven times. That might not sound like a lot but you should see the swelling on my arm right now.   There were several hours where I couldn't bend my elbow. 

Because horse flies cut you open bite sites are prone to infection. And since they are messing with your blood those jerks are potentially giving you parasites or introducing bacteria. They have the super power ability to transmit anthrax. Yay! Sensitive individuals can go into anaphylactic shock or, if bitten enough, can pass out or die from blood loss. And because they travel in packs (swarms) it's a completely realistic possibility. A single female horse fly will bite you multiple times, which would explain the series of four bites on my right arm. And swatting them away does nothing since those blood sucking bitches will give chase. 

Tomorrow I intend to wear my Texas tuxedo (read: denim on denim) and probably spray on some insect repellant, too. And if anyone knows of a kickstarter campaign to fund research on getting rid of horse flies I am happy to contribute. Seriously. 

Does a rooster only crow in the morning?

Um, no. A rooster crows whenever he darn well pleases. Well, that's not entirely true. Roosters have an internal clock, much like humans. The fancy word for it is the "circadian rhythm," and it's based on the sun. A rooster starts crowing when the sun comes up but, unlike all those endearing children's books, he does not stop crowing until the sun goes down. Our rooster will crow when he hears the neighbor's rooster crowing, leading some people to believe that crowing is to roosters what yawning is to people or barking is to dogs. Once someone starts it there's no end until everyone has chimed in. 

I would describe our rooster as quiet. He's never charged me (yet). He crows in the morning and when he sees people milling around during the day. He's still pretty young so that might change. The other time he crows like his life depends on it is if he gets separated from his harem. Don't forget, these girls are mean to him, and they lived for years without a man (thank you very much) so they have no real need of him. Things were fine before he ever turned them into sister wives and they'll be fine long after he's been made into a freezer pop. But his instincts are so strong he can't help it. 

This week he and the girls were out in the yard making all kinds of ruckus because we were outside. The hubs was chopping wood, the dogs were wandering around the yard, and I was doing chores. Ok, I was taking photos of the chickens. But I also got their eggs and fed and watered them so it counts as work. Roo had lots to say about the situation. I decided to just let them loose in the yard and he quieted down and took his group of girls around to the front of the house. All day he was quiet. Although he was very stressed out when the ladies split apart and he kept rushing back and forth between them. 

After a day of free-ranging I thought he would be appreciative, and tuckered out like a toddler and therefore not wake up too early. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The next day I'm up at 4:30 am. This is a joke, right? Why is the rooster crowing so loud and so early? I always hear him in the morning, just not so loud. And he would not shut up. I did the only mature thing to do, I put a pillow over my head, rolled over, and went back to sleep. After a few hours the hubs got up and announced he had figured out what was up with Roo.

"He got out of the pen." 

Separated from his personal sorority he'd had a stressful morning. And that darn rooster was literally standing outside my bedroom window trying to get my attention. At least that's how I interpret his location.  Once reunited with the rest of the flock he quieted down. And then next night I locked him in the coop so I wouldn't have to start my day so early. 

Minor backfire. I overslept. 

If it looks different around here you're not crazy...

We've updated our website! It only took us a few years but please welcome us to the 21st century. There's more of an emphasis on our social media presence (as we encourage online stalking) and our blog (since we want people to know what we're up to). It's all part of our ploy to be transparent and encourage interaction from our online friends. We love talking about food. How we grow it, prepare it, store it, think about it, and eat it. Your comments are always welcome!

It's Possible to CSA Your Whole Life

CSA (community supported agriculture) is that fancy thing you keep hearing about where customers pay up front for a weekly subscription of farm produce. This helps the farmer get his/her money up front and guarantees you as the customer are getting the best selection of items each week. The idea is that you like veggies and are willing to get some odd ball items you've never tried. The CSA concept has been around since the 80's and has taken off in the past 10 years. But now you can get all kinds of things in a CSA, not just veggies. 

1) Traditional CSA with add ons

Many CSAers are now getting the choice to add dairy products or value added items to their CSA shares. You can add eggs, fruit, jam, and even frozen items. 

2) Meat

Not a vegetarian? Me neither. You can join a CSA that offers eggs, chicken, lamb, pork, and beef usually in a monthly subscription that you pick up frozen.

3) Popsicles

Need your sweets? Our area has a popsicle CSA. Once a month you pick up your box of frozen pops.

4) Beans and Grains 

Rancho Gordo has the biggest one of these where you get a quarterly delivery of beans. 

5) International Flavors

Not so much "local" in focus but each month you get a basket of goodies from a specific location. i.e. France, Italy...etc. 

6) Milk

If you have the good fortune of finding a herdshare in your area you can get a weekly delivery of fresh milk. Pay the initiation fee and then once a month your membership fee and get your milk. 

7) Clothing

You read that right. You can be in a clothing CSA. Fill out the questionnaire online about your size and style preferences and then get a box of clothing delivered to your door each month. Keep what you like, send back what you don't, and pay for the items you keep. 

8) Underwear

Get a 10 pack of patterns and sizes sent to you or join the club where you automatically get the "underwear of the month." 

9) Makeup

Not into trying to decide about colors and brands? Get a box of samples sent to you each month so you can try out all the newest products.

10) Nailpolish

For true nail afficianados only. New colors sent to you every month to ensure you're always wearing the newest "it" color. 

11) Shoes

Nothing is a as beautiful as a pair of shoes. And you can get ones sent straight to you every month. 

12) Doggie treats and toys

Don't forget Fido! He can CSA his way to entertainment and snacky bliss by getting his own box.

13) Crafts

If you don't have time to get to the craft store you can get the craft store delivered to you. All the supplies you need to feel like you're winning the Pinterest wars.

14) Dinner

The hardest part of making dinner is deciding what to make. So let someone else decide. Get a box with ingredients and recipes sent your way. 

15) Wine

I need to join one of these pronto. Pick reds, whites, or both to be delivered each month. And try not too feel too badly when there's more month left at the end of your wine.

16) Razors

Never get stuck with a dull blade again! Get regular deliveries of razor blades and shaving cream. 

17) Books

Looking for new titles or reading inspiration? Editors select the month's book, send it to you, and you can choose to join the online book club to discuss what you're read.

18) Coffee

I don't go a day without a cup of coffee.  A coffee club lets you try new flavors every month!

19) Household Staples

Paper towels, laundry soap, dish detergent, toilet paper, spray cleaner...and all of those items that are a pain to buy but you seem to be buying constantly. Just set up an installment delivery of all the things you regularly use and never go to (Target, Walmart, Drug Mart) ever again. 

20) Beer

Get your beer delivered from myriad small breweries around the US. 

What have I missed? Because I'm pretty sure this covers my entire life. And if I set up automatic bill pay I'll never have to leave my house to buy anything every again!

Why We Eat

Ever been to an amazing restaurant and you think. "Oh. My. Gosh. This is the best ______ I've ever had?" Of course you have. But do you remember what you thought after that? Perhaps not but I'm guessing it wasn't a desire to eat a dozen of whatever it was. When the pleasure sensors in your brain go off it makes you slow down. Kind of like an adrenaline rush makes time move more slowly. You savor the moment. Remembering what was so fantastic about it. A subtle spice, the way the flavors expanded as you ate, the combination of textures in your mouth.

Food that is truly transportive, that's so good you almost can't stand it, is food we tend to eat in small portions. The flavors, textures, and yes, nutrients, are so dense in these items that you don't need to eat gobs of it to feel good. If I'm eating cheap pasta I need to eat half a box. A quality pasta requires just an ounce or two to feel happy and satiated. Because really, we're all eating to feel better. We might not be actively sad but we eat as an act of fulfillment. We're hungry, or angry, or depressed. Either way our brains know that food changes brain chemicals and eating will change how we feel. Every time. Even if you're 100% happy and everything in your life is momentarily perfect you still have to eat. 

To make sure you're eating the right thing for the right reason consider the following.

1. Am I actually hungry?

Sometime the answer is no and I think that's ok. Just don't lie to yourself. If you're eating because you're angry and the piece of chocolate will calm you down, who cares? Eat the chocolate. I do. Because I know that dark chocolate boosts serotonin and will make me feel better. Don't waste time justifying your choice. That takes all the joy out of it anyway.

2. Is this worth eating?

I love sweets, especially chocolate. But there's some terrible chocolate out there (I'm looking at you Hershey's). I will often take a bite of something, realize it's garbage, and put the rest down. If I'm going to eat I want it to be the best thing ever. Not just whatever is on the potluck table. It's not about "being good" it's about choosing the best for myself. Because I, and you, deserve the best. 

3. How much of this do I need to eat? 

If you decide it's worth eating you then have to determine how much. You'd be surprised at how little you actually need to eat. I try to follow the, "you only need one" rule. And you really do. One slice of pizza, one glass of wine, one brownie. 


A note about self-control. There are some things that I've tried to completely swear off. Foods that I cannot be trusted around. These are my items that are truly verboten.

1) Soda.

It gives me a stomach ache and I always want more after I drink it, which makes no sense. Maybe I've given it up out of confusion. 

2) Potato Chips.

I cannot be left alone with a bag of potato chips. I will eat the whole thing. Not a snack sized bag, I'm talking full sized bag. And not over the course of time, I'll eat the bag in one sitting. Once I pop I can't stop. I have to not eat them ever.

3) Anything out of a candy dish.

Every office in the land has a candy dish in the reception area. It's always full of cheap sugary stuff that seems so enticing, and it's free! But if I have one I'm wanting them all and I feel horrible once I've eaten it. It's easier to say no to all candy dishes than try to be selective. 

I sometimes think about the meals I've eaten. The peach cobbler I had at the Flying Fig, a multi course meal at a winery in Virginia, a cappuccino at Klein's in Vienna. The food takes me to a place which takes me to a time and lets me relive some awesome memories. No muffin scarfed in my car has ever done that.