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The Gray Fox Farm

Hudson, Ohio

Welcome to The Gray Fox Farm! We're a small produce and poultry farm in Hudson, OH. We sell our vegetables, chickens, eggs, and turkeys through a combination of our local farmers market, CSA, and directly to customers at the farm. Then we obsessively blog about it all. 



Be a Chicken for Halloween

I mean, you can have your chicken BE something for Halloween.

Do you need a costume for your chicken? Etsy has plenty of choices. Including this Shakespearean outfit. All the trick or treaters will be thrilled. Or terrified. 

Costumes aren't the only thing you can find online for chicken attire. 

Is your chicken cold? You can get her a sweater. Comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Because the discerning chicken wants a choice in what predator-attracting outfit it will wear (insert sarcasm here). 

What about a diaper for your bird? It would make life so much easier if you didn't have droppings to clean up but could just CHANGE YOUR BIRD'S DIAPER! And with flair as you can see by the flaming diaper pictured above.

Let's be clear. These are ridiculous. And I am concerned that someone would pay $25 for a hand-crocheted chicken sweater. If you are about to drop actual dollars on any of the featured items please call me. I will talk you out of it. 

What to do with all that Kale.

We like to say that kale is our favorite weed. It will grow anywhere and survives both heat and frost. I can pull kale off a plant for a month and, once I put it in the fridge, it will last for weeks. The stuff is invincible. It and cockroaches will survive the apocalypse. 

But what to do with all this delicious greenery? I have something for that. I give you...

PASTA WITH KALE (yeah, the name needs work)

1. Chop up an onion and heat it in a saucepan with some olive oil.

2. After the onion gets all clear (fancy recipes call it "translucent") add some chopped up garlic. I'm lucky and live down the street from an organic garlic farm but feel no shame if you use the preminced kind. I do it all the time.  

3. Chop up two bunches of kale. I used to be super lazy and just ripped it up but it really goes much better if you cut it. You can use any kind of kale. Wilt the kale in the pan with the onion and garlic.

4. Because we have eggs on the farm I like to poach them and add them to EVERYTHING. It makes everything fancier and adds protein to things that don't have any. This keeps my husband from asking,"does it have meat in it?" So this is the step where you poach some eggs. You know. Boil water. Add egg. Remove with slotted spoon.

5. I'm sure you were wondering where the carbs came in. Never fear. Here they are. Boil up half a pound of pasta. Use something long and stringy like spaghetti, pappardelle, or, my fav, fettuccine. We choose Ohio City Pasta. I have a fresh pasta addiction but you could totally use dried. Whatever you choose just follow the directions for cooking it.

6. Mix it all together. I like to serve this whole mess in a bowl. Add some pasta, a heap of the kale mix, an egg (or two), and finish the whole thing off with a sprinkling of olive oil, breadcrumbs, some shredded parm, and a little pepper.

It sounds like a mess but somehow eats like comfort food and looks like you worked really hard even though it doesn't take too long to make. I'm fiercely lazy in the kitchen and don't like to make anything that you have to be too exact about. I even use the same water to poach the eggs and cook the pasta. 

The Farm Girl Capsule Wardrobe

I saw a super cute purple blazer at LOFT this week. I wanted to buy it. But then I thought about where I would wear such a garment. And I couldn't think of ANYWHERE. And then I thought about all of the things that are supposed to be wardrobe staples. You know, those things that every magazine makes into lists of the must haves that every woman should own. So let's take a look at some of the top 5 items. 

1. The button down white shirt

The white button down is supposed to go with everything. Put it under a sweater, under a jacket, over a t-shirt, with a statement necklace, with a skirt, jeans, dress get the idea. And I can visualize the item in all of the aforementioned configurations. The sad truth is this: I don't own one. At any given time I have 50 chickens, 25 turkeys, 3 dogs, one cat, and a partridge in a pear tree. These creatures produce copious amounts of waste, fur, feathers, and general messes.  I don't own a white anything. Instead I give you the farmer girl alternative. The flannel shirt. I feel that flannels do the same job while working harder than a white shirt. The pattern hides anything you spill on it and I think it goes fine with all the same options that work with a starched white version. I own half a dozen of these.

2. The classic trench

Where would I go in a trench coat? Trench coats are for ladies who lunch, those with corporate jobs,  and prostitutes. I am none of the above. In lieu of a trench, try a barn jacket. I like the versions by Carhartt and Real Work Wear. These jackets tend to be lined canvas with a hood. Show me a trench coat with a hood. Best part? They're unisex!

3. Black heels

Heels have no place on a farm. Literally. Unless you're aerating the field heels serve no purpose. I'm sure they look nice with trousers and skirts but you can't drive a tractor while wearing them. Why not try a pair of Wellies? Hunter makes the ultimate pair. Don't by cheapo ones at Target. They will inevitably spring a leak after one week of hard wear. Hunters are solid rubber so they never leak or crack and they come in every color. I have 3 pairs and they go with everything. Pull them on over jeans, skirts, or pajama pants. I do that last one for morning chores. 

4. Fitted trouser

This makes me think of the bottom half of a suit. And the only suit I'm wearing is swim. So if you have no use for trousers i think you should invest in a pair of canvas overalls. They are kind of like the suit bottom to the barn jacket. These pants are literally indestructible. They will survive butchering day, barn clean out, and rooster attacks. Those talons are no match for the thick fabric. Don't forget that there's a lined version. They are the equivalent of snow pants and keep you super warm while schlepping water to poultry in 2 feet of snow. And lest you think these sound unfeminine... I have a pink pair. 

5. A statement bag

I think stylists are imagining a famous name stamped all over what is essentially a very fancy grocery bag. Purses do the same functional job as a paper bag...carry your junk around. Designers have figured this out and convinced us all to pay loads of moola for what grocery stores give away for free with every purchase. May I suggest an alternative...the humble pocket. The pocket is an oft forgotten part of your ensemble. Yet they also come free with every purchase. 5 come standard on a pair of jeans. 2 in most coats. And, if you wear a flannel, that's 2 more. You're looking at 9 free storage spaces. That's plenty of room for most of the essentials. For most girls this includes makeup, wallet, 85 pairs of sunglasses, and breath mints. No, you won't find a tampon in there. We never have them when we need them. Even though we need them every 30 days. But I digress. A farm girl needs a different supply of items on hand during the day. My pockets are filled with the following: a) a fence tester. The farm has electric fencing all over and it has to be tested every time we enter and exit. b) rubber bands. These are used to bundle produce for the market. c) s-hooks. You have no idea the myriad uses for s-hooks. And d) chicken feed. If birds jump the fence the only way to entice them back is with feed. Dogs also see chicken feed as a treat. Bonus!

The best part of a farm girl's must haves is that they are all available at your local Tractor Supply. It's like a departments store for farm things. You can buy all of your clothes, feed for your animals, AND implements for your tractor! I'm not joking. This is a real place.