The Gray Fox Farm

Hudson, Ohio

Welcome to The Gray Fox Farm! We're a small produce and poultry farm in Hudson, OH. We sell our vegetables, chickens, eggs, and turkeys through a combination of our local farmers market, CSA, and directly to customers at the farm. Then we obsessively blog about it all. 



5 Things I Googled this Week

1. "Turkey poop images" Checking on turkey health. Everyone is good!

2. "Are frozen eggs safe to eat" Yes, as long as they're clean.

3. "How to spatchcock a turkey" I cook more than one each year and might want to try a new way to do it. Plus I think "spatchcock" is a funny word.

4. "Black chickens images" Still trying to ID our lone black chick.

5. "Ohio weather for Thanksgiving week" It's supposed to be relatively mild which means processing day will go smoothly. It's hard to process in the snow. 

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